but it's not my place oh-no (incodes) wrote in the_colour,
but it's not my place oh-no

So.. arg. I bought Devil's Got a Holda Me online. It came in m4a format, for some reason. I don't know if most do. Because I never buy music online. Is m4a format common? Anyway. While trying to convert the files to mp3, I saved them in my The Colour music folder. Or, I thought that I saved them. After deleting the m4a files, I went to add the mp3's to my playlist ... and, behold, they were not there.

I've looked in every folder I have. I've lost the entire freaking album. Since then, i've tried to find the album in stores, with no luck. And I do not want to buy it online... again.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could upload this album for me, in mp3 format. As fans, i'm sure you'll understand my stress..
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