we're all in this together (giveme_life) wrote in the_colour,
we're all in this together

The Roxy; Friday 9-9-05

No "Out and About" or "Mirror Ball"

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that's really too bad
but! the video for "mirror ball" is still on their site though
But hey, "Just A Taste," "Until We're High," and "Take Our Time" are amazing!
RAWR lucky you! I was gonna go to that show but the tickets were sold out!
I asked Wyatt why they didn't play "Mirrorball" when they were in Houston and he said something like, "Yeah, we're pretty bored with that song. It's really old; one of our first ones."
yeah, i figured as such. i mean think about what it's like for keith richards to stand up on stage with the crowd screaming for "satisfaction".

still though, i don't think the colour is beyond playing those catchy songs just yet. if i wasn't mistaken, it was "mirror ball" that was their first single on their re-released ep. yep.

i was pointing at the mirror ball in the roxy at the end and made eye contact with wyatt; he looked sort of sad.
he looked sad? awwww.

When I talked to him about it, he did seem a bit sensitive about the subject.
Yeah, I was with honeydewpixi, and he told us that the song was getting boring for him. Which is sad for us, since it's one of our favorites.

Awwww, I don't like it when Wyatt is sad. :(
i think that's really selfish of them to withold that song.

i understand that i'm not in the colour and i don't have any right to say what they should and shouldn't do but i still think it's really lame.

if you don't want wyatt to be sad you should send him money.

they definately are not past playing mirror ball! They should keep playing the songs on the EP because they are just now gettin into the groove. I think it could be a mistake to drop those songs...people love them and I do too. I like their newer stuff it's just not the same. Some of the retro twinge has left but I still dig it.

It was good to see you at the Roxy!